The drive to innovate has become part of who we are. We are involved in a continual process of finding and implementing ingenious solutions. As a client, you play an important role in this process. For your needs and requirements often plant a seed that we nurture into something special.

At Strijbos we pursue innovation in many different ways, not only in terms of production (the latest machinery and more efficient production solutions), but also in terms of technology (product innovation that creates new products or adds new features to existing products).

  • The use of (dispersion) coatings: cohesion between coatings and finishes, such as varnishes and foils, to embellish printing.
  • The development of internal or external packaging and protectors.
  • The use of adhesion methods that change the character of paper or card.
  • The combining of traditional production methods with the latest high-end technologies.