People often joke about the fact that if we weren’t so passionate about printing, we would make very effective environmental campaigners. For at Strijbos Graphic Group we go to great lengths to protect the environment. This is not a recent development. It is something our organisation as a whole has been doing for many years. As printers we pride ourselves on our quality. And this includes assuming responsibility for the environment. This facet of our operation is evident in every aspect of the printing process.

Protection of the environment is an important priority in the printing industry. Strijbos has been seeking to reduce its environmental impact for many years. We do this by minimising the use of isopropyl alcohol and other chemical additives, recycling cleaning products and using more eco-friendly materials. We do everything we can to produce high quality printing with inks and other substances that affect the environment as little as possible.
We also keep investing in new applications and recycling technologies. And we endeavour to achieve carbon-neutral printing by reducing and offsetting our CO2 emissions.