To ensure accurate processing of your orders it is important that you supply digital files that meet our specifications as closely as possible. Our quote is based on the assumption that delivered files require no further processing.
Strijbos Graphic Group has developed a PDF workflow. So when delivering PDF files it is best to ensure that they are created with our settings. The Strijbos Job Options have been adjusted to accommodate ICC-profiles. This is the only way we can ensure consistent high quality printing. The same approach has been adopted throughout our company.

Our studio checks the high-resolution PDF files you deliver to see if meets the graphic requirements (correct use of colour, resolution, bleed, etc.). If the files do not meet these standards, you can adjust them yourself. Or Strijbos will convert them to the required profile, in which case the appearance of the files, which is determined by factors such as colour and brightness, can sometimes change as a result.