Flow-pack technology enables us to pack promotional items and other inserts in such a way that they do not come into direct contact with the product. It is also a convenient way of packing a set of diverse items. Flow- packaging allows us to automatically package several inserts simultaneously.


Our extensive technical possibilities also enable us to process products that need to be compiled or collated, inserted, counted or folded.


Food contact

Strijbos Graphic Group also has all of the facilities needed to package items for the food industry. All of our procedures comply with the highest quality requirements and we have developed our own quality management system that meets the most rigorous (HACCP) standards. We implement appropriate pest control measures and conduct regular hygiene inspections. Staff who work on food-packaging projects wear protective clothing and headwear.


All of our flow-pack machines are equipped with metal detectors to eliminate the risk of metal splinters finding their way into the product. Clients are welcome to arrange for their own quality departments and external auditors to conduct inspections.



Direct mail

Strijbos Graphic Group frequently demonstrates its expertise in flow-packaging direct mail. Direct mail packages can contain various letters and/or cards, which are automatically compiled. We can also create window envelopes by cutting windows in metallised foil, which can be printed with motifs in a range of colours. Naturally we can also sort direct mail packages by postcode. We are also experienced in processing special offers (promotional discounts, scratch-off lottery ticket, money, etc.), which includes implementing the accompanying security procedures.